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Emedley Login Registration

Accessing data online is increase day by day. Today most of institutes use online portal for all students. So, here we give one very famous Emedley login portal. If you are looking for this then don’t go anywhere because you are at the right page. So, let’s have a look…

Emedley login
Emedley login

Emedley Login Portal:

As the name implies the website contains the medley solutions. For example, Emedley eCurriculam is cloud-based and works from both portable and desktop web program. ECurriculam to arrange the lesson and teaching materials plan. The EduSched gives you to access the class schedule. By using Exam feature teachers can designed the test for the students and students can give test online.

By using the eClass and Educate feature students can learn the lesson online whenever they want. Students of any University become a client of Emedley and use this website. But for accessing this one should login in this website. For doing Emedley Login students must have their username and password.So,by follow the below given steps you can easily do login in the system.

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How to Emedley Login Online?

  • First of all for login visit the official webpage or click on the link Emedley.com
  • After that you will get the login page.Emedley
  • Now enter username and password.
  • Then click on the Login button for login.

Process of Recover Emedley Password:

If you forget your account password then you just follow the below given steps for recover password.

  • For reset the password you visit the official site.
  • At the login page one link is available Forgot Password.
  • Click on that link.
  • After that enter valid your email address.
  • Now you will get mail regarding your password recovery on your registering mail Id.
  • Then open this mail and click on the link available in mail.
  • After that enter new password and click on Reset Password button.
  • Finally your password is set.

How to Reset Username of Emedley Account???

If you are forget the username of Emedley Account at the login time then follow the below given steps for Set Username.

  • Open official site of Emedley.
  • After that go to login page.
  • Then click on Forgot Username if you are forget the username.
  • Now enter valid email id and click on the ok button.
  • After this process you will get one mail from Emedley.
  • Then open mail and click on the link given in mail.
  • Now set your username and click on given button.
  • Finally do login with new username.

Process for Registration on Emedley Account:

If you are new user and you want to join in the account then by follow the below given steps you can easily join the account.

  • Visit the official site of Emedley.
  • Now go to login page.
  • Then click on new user link.
  • After that enter email id and click on the ok button.
  • Now provide the personal details.
  • Then create temporary password.
  • At last submit all detail and create account.

Features of Emedley Login:

The Emedley Login portal has below given features.

  • Examn
  • Eclas
  • Ecurriculum
  • Educate
  • Edusched
  • Evaluate
  • Ekeeper


Examn is an online web based assessment system which is accessible by students anytime anywhere. By using Examn faculty can manage and administer tests, students can give this test online or offline and admin can analyze and create the report of test as per students performance.


Eclas helps to track the student experience at internal and external clinical sites. It also allows students to log detailed information related to patient encounters and cases, timespent, competencies mastered and procedures performance.


Ecurriculum helps to allow you to find the details about conventional course applied in the class. For teacher, it can help to set Emedley plan by using the menu.Ecurriculum set targets for students which they must be achieve. By using this students can access their teaching plans set by their teachers. So that students are not left behind.


This will help you to schedule the class activity. It is open for both teacher and students. So that they can access it anytime. By using this you can check number of students available in the class as well as number of class sections available.


If you want to evaluate students or teachers or instructors then you will use this Emedley Login Feature. By using this both students and teachers control the class in efficient and effective manner. You can also use various menus for evaluation like, Emedley Preceptor Evaluation, Emedley Course Evalution, Emedley instructor Evaluation and Student Evaluation.


This feature allows you to save and accesses your college documents. You can save anything as long as in this. You can also check some important documents created by campus.


This programs allows teachers to focus on create the schedule, curriculum and learning tools. Students and instructors can Emedley Homework, Emedley Discussion, Emedley Exams and Emedley Evaluation at one place.

About Emedley:

This portal gives you specialized answers for several courses. This portal is online web portal. Emedley gives you AllofE solutions. Many universities are using this website for better study. From this site student can e-learn program which is accessible with Health Science Program. Students can do lots of activities by using this portal but for this students must make their account in this portal. Emedley is an institute which provide useful innovation for the learning. Emedley also help their clients to reach their goal.

How to contact Emedley Support Team????

  • Through Emedley Support Numbers:

Emedley Phone Number: 785-832-2900

Emedley Sales Phone Number: 785-842-9191

  • Through Emedley Fax Number:

You can also contact to Emedley Support Team via Fax. You can send Fax on 785-840-9019 number. Using this you can get fastest response within office hours.

  • By using Emedley Email Address:

Emedley Information: Info2allofe.com

Emedley Sales: Sales@allofe.com

Emedley Client: ClientEd2allofe.com

So hope you got information about emedley login portal. At stampsceremony website you see lots of login portal information like Paytrust login portal, Paystub, BP credit card, MBNA credit card and many more. Although any issues then write down your query in the given comment box.

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