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Getmyollocard: Good and affordable credit card options are very hard to come by. But the new generation of credit cards is offering you better options. Low interests, less opening fee, high bonus, etc. but if you are having a low credit score then you might find it hard to get an approval for the majority of these programs.

No need to feel heartbroken. all credit cards are online just for you. You just have to go to the site Ollo Cards are the best option to select when you have a poor or bad credit score. The card helps you to improve your credit score. You can pay greenskyonline bill payment with ollo card possible.

Ollo offers credit cards for the customers who are having a low credit score (usually a score between 580 and 700) or facing trouble in getting in approvals.

Types of Ollo Card

It is not necessary to have an excellent credit score to get Ollo credit cards. You can get approval even with less than good credit score. Ollo offers two types of credit cards that are “ollo platinum credit card” and “ollo reward card“. There is a MasterCard logo that comes with ollo credit cards so, you can use them as MasterCard’s are available anywhere. On any type of purchases at gas stations and grocery stores with the use of Ollo reward cards, comes with a 2% cashback.

Other purchases come with a 1% cashback. There is an annual fee of just $39. You can visit ollo account online and can check out your account details like balance and transaction history from official site.

How to Apply For Ollo Card

In this section we shared how to apply for ollo card online as well as offline. So please read below guide about ollo card.

  1. Firstly you will get an offer letter by getmyollocard only then you can directly apply online and will get approval in less than 1 minute.
  2. Please note that the customers who had applied, only a few of them will get a chance of selection.
  3. You have to keep that offer letter safe with you
  4. Make sure that the device you are using is connected to the active internet connection.
  5. Now visit directly click on the link to avoid any confusion or problem.
  6. Now enter your reservation number and access code. Both of them are already there in your offer letter.
  7. press submit.
  8. Now fill the small form which will ask you for your name, account and contact details. Please fill the correct details to avoid any type of inconvenience.
  9. Your information will be safe with us so you don’t have to worry about it.
  10. You will get a response in one minute.
  11. So You can choose the type of credit card later. You can choose it according to your need and requirements.
  12. Your Getmyollocard will be delivered to your home address in a week.

Ollo Platinum Mastercard

  • No foreign transaction fees are available.
  • There is no annual fee required.
  • Free FICO score.
  • Automatic credit line increase review.

Features of GetmyOllocard

Possibly, these Ollo cards offer several attractive features that are required by consumers to achieve higher credit ranges. Now it is made easier by ollo cards to counter problems such as the reduction or ultimately elimination of many common credit card fees. Ollo cards carry no penalties in rate increases, no annual fees, no return-payments fee, no over-limit fees, and no foreign transaction fees which are incurred by several banks.

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If you have good credit behavior then you can enjoy extra benefits. If you give your payments on time, then you can also increase your credit limit without any inquiry on the credit reports. Some customers also say that credit limit approval depends on a consumer’s creditworthiness; it can be as low $500 or as high as $3,500 to start spending with.

The Ollo Rewards Mastercard is same as the Ollo platinum card and also it adds up with the same features as the Ollo Platinum Mastercard but also offers customers a healthy chance to earn cashback rewards on everyday purchases which consists of 2% returns on purchases made at gas stations, grocery stores, and drugstores, adding with 1% back on everything else. There is an uncountable limit to the number of rewards an individual can earn and also these benefits don’t expire until the account is open.

So Is the Ollo Card Right For You?

Potential Ollo users should be aware that both cards come with a variable 24.99% APR, which is a high rate that would wipe out any rewards you’d earn and compound your debt if you carry a balance on the card.

Getmyollocard Reviews & Rewards on Mastercard

  • On all gas station, grocery store and drugstore purchases there is 2% cashback
  • Fees for Balance Transfers: 4% or $5, whichever is greater
  • 1% cashback on all other purchases which is qualified.
  • Annual fee of $0 to $39
  • You are getting a chance to earn an unlimited 2% cashback on purchases

Please note

  • Only 18 years of age or older customers are allowed to apply for this ollocard.
  • The customers should be a legal resident of the United States to obtain the Ollo credit card.

OlloCard Customer Service Phone Number

  1. If you are facing any type of problem then you don’t have to worry all Ollo Mastercard customer service are here  24/7
  • GetmyOllocard customer service Phone number: 1-877-494-0020
  1. Are you calling from outside the US?
  • Dial 1-516-224-5600

Now you can also ask about your problems.

  1. Here is an Ollo Card Payment Address:
  • O. Box 660371 Dallas, TX


  1. Ollo Card General Correspondence: P.O. Box 9222 Old Bethpage, NY 11804-9222

We assure you that you will not face any problem or confusion while applying for the card but if any problem comes than you can call its Ollo Mastercard customer service helplines without any second thought. We will help you for sure.

What if your Ollo Card is Denied?

You don’t have to worry just call on Getmyollocard toll-free number 1-877-494-0020 and ask to speak with the customer service department. They will help you with your problems.

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So, I hope that you are clear with all your questions and doubts about Getmyollocard. Although any query or doubts you can write down your comment in the below comment section. We will updates you withing 24 hour or as soon early possible.

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