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Are you looking for Instacart Background Check login status online? In this article we know about Instacart Background Check time & contact phone number.

Does Instacart require a background check?

When we extended our conditional offer to you to provide services on the Instacart platform, you authorized your background check. If there are issues with your background check, you’ll receive an email from Checkr/Sterling requesting more information. You must use your Social Security number (SSN) to run a background check.

What disqualifies you from Instacart?

Several things can disqualify you during a background check, though Instacart has not made any of these factors public. Common reasons that we have encountered in our research include multiple moving violations in a vehicle, relatively recent felony convictions, and being a registered sex offender. How Far Back does the Background Check Go?

Does Instacart hire felons?

Does instacart hire felons? Yes. They do. Has to be a certain amount of time past though. I got on with Doordash, UberEats, and Instacart. Do i have to wait for my background check to start working? I applied last week on I think Monday. I got the payment card and lanyard on Thursday. Picked up 30 hours on Sunday. (4/8/18).

How do I run a background check with my Social Security number?

You must use your Social Security number (SSN) to run a background check. You can use/switch over to your Tax Identification Number (TIN) after we perform a background check with your SSN.


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