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TalkToWendys: It is significant that a fast food giant like Wendy’s goes under some survey so that they will make more efforts to make you satisfy for your hunger.

Wendy’s Customer Satisfaction survey commonly knows as TalkToWendys is the survey program by Wendy’s to collect some feedback from their loyal and happy customers. There first priority is to make their customer feel happy after having food and services so that customers feel full satisfied and happy during stepping out of the outlet. Many food survey available like Bojangles Customer Satisfaction Survey, Rufeelinit, Tell boston market survey and Wingstop guest satisfaction survey and many more.

Wendy’s is a major international fast food chain restaurant based particularly in America. The survey is designed to understand what the customers want, what are there needs from the outlet and how they can satisfy their customers experience from the outlet. This survey is conducted on This survey helps in-

  • It gives Free Wendys Meal Coupons and even cash prize to people who take part in the survey.
  • Wendy is widely renowned for its quality food and service.
  • It takes care of customer satisfaction and offers free coupons to redeem during next visit at a restaurant.

So for this purpose, they have made a survey called Talktowendys customer Survey.

Requirements to participate in Talktowendys Survey

First, we will know the survey requirements.

  1. You need a good working device with a good internet connection to browse their website properly and without any problem
  2. The customer who is doing the survey must be 18 years or older.
  3. The survey is based for legal residents of The United States.
  4. A customer must have a valid receipt from Wendy’s of their last visit.
  5. Customers must have a knowledge of English or French or Spanish language.
  6. You can also go for the offline survey. You just need to send the mail-in feedback if you want to opt for that.
  7. Important thing to remember that if you going to have online participation you must have a valid receipt of the last purchase from Wendy’s.

Customer Satisfaction is the first priority for the company. So the Talktowendys survey is introduced to know their customer’s review in order to be able to maintain their service and product. The idea with them is to get in touch with the customers.

Talktowendys Survey Rules

Here are the Talktowendys survey rules that you need to follow if you do not want any type of problems in filling the survey form.

  1. You must have a good working condition laptop or phone with an good internet connection.
  2. The code retrieved at the end of the survey is valid for 14 days after retrieval and no extension is allowed
  3. Maximum usage of only 1 coupon is allowed and is valid for 30 days
  4. You should have knowledge of English and Spanish language.

Also, there are no restrictions on how many times you want to use the survey. You can use it as many times as you want so Enjoy your free coupons and discounted meals.

Step by Step Guide For Talktowendys Survey

# Make a purchase at any of Wendy’s stores and save your receipt

# Go to the official survey website at

# Logon to

# Select the language you are comfortable with.

# Now, enter the 8-digit restaurant number which is on the top of your receipt

# Type the date as printed on the store receipt. that is important

# Enter the date and time of your visit.

# Enter your active email address.

# Click ‘Start’ to begin the survey.

# Read the questions carefully asked by the site.

# There, you need to answer all the survey questions genuinely.

# Answer each of them and add any extra information if you want to, in the space provided.

# After answering all questions, you will receive coupon via your email address.

# Provide answers genuinely so you can have the best experience when you visit Wendy’s store next time.

# After completing, submit the survey.

# Finally, you will get an opportunity to enter the sweepstakes.

# Print the coupon you received

# Congrats for getting a free coupon.


Wendy’s is a fast food chain present across the US and was founded by Dave Thomas in in 1969 in Ohio, US and now it is the third largest hamburger chain across the globe with almost 6000 locations around the world.

The company moved its headquarters to Dublin, Ohio, on January 29, 2006. Wendy was the world’s third largest hamburger fast food chain with 6,500+ locations in 2016.

“Quality food made fresh is our recipe”

It is a slogan that defines Wendy’s with their bright red themed restaurant and a logo of a smiling red head girl

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In some stores you can also see the face of Dave Thomas in some of Wendy’s store, an old man with a smiling face encircled by their slogan.

Best food items

  • Frosty Desert
  • Crispy Chicken Nuggets
  • Classic burger
  • Classic Chocolate Frosty
  • Baconator
  • Apple Bites

Talktowendys Hours of Operation

Many people don’t know what time does talktowendys store close & open, so here we shared wendys hours of operation.

Talktowendys hours Opening & Closing Hours
Monday 10 A.M TO 1 A.M
Tuesday 10 A.M TO 1 A.M
Wednesday 10 A.M TO 1 A.M
Thursday 10 A.M TO 1 A.M
Friday 10 A.M TO 1 A.M
Saturday 10 A.M TO 1 A.M
Sunday 10 A.M TO 1 A.M

Wendys Holidays Hours 2020

  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • Valentine’s Day 2020
  • Presidents Day 2020
  • Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
  • Patrick’s Day 2020
  • Good Friday 2020
  • Easter Monday
  • Mother’s Day 2020
  • Halloween
  • Black Friday
  • New Year’s Eve
  • New Year’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day 2020

Talktowendys Customer Service Number & Headquarter

In this section we shared all the contact numbers for Talktowendys with address.

  • Phone Number: 01 888 624-8140
  • Wendy’s Customer Service Number+1 614-792-7466
  • Contact Number: +1 808-674-2737
  • Talktowendys Address: Wendy’s Menu Evaluation Sweepstakes Rules Request, PO Box 16350, Rochester, NY 14616.

Talktowendys Social Channels

If you want to contact Talktowendys via social channels then you can contact. We shared social channels list below.


F..A.Q  About Talktowendys Survey Feedback

  • How to take part in Talktowendys survey?
  • What time does wendys inside close?
  • How can I contact Wendy’s?
  • Where is the wendy’s headquarters located??
  • How much does wendy’s pay per hours?
  • Does Wendy’s pay overtime?
  • What’s Wendy’s phone number?
  • Is wendy’s open holidays?
  • What is Wendy’s breakfast menu?


The lucky winner will surely get the rewards or from Wendys. If you are the winner, then they will try to contact you in order to declare the prize that you have won in the contest. Make sure to claim the prize after winning.

So here is a good chance for you all to win just by participating in a simple TalktoWendys survey and win free chicken sandwich.

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